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We need more “food bundles”.

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I get overwhelmed when grocery shopping. There are so many options and choices I get overloaded with details like flavor choices, quantities, is it healthy? Will it go to waste? The list of decisions is endless. I recently had a…

Diving into 2016 ACSI Retail Report

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The 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Index report was released at the end of February. Supermarkets saw a jump of 6.8 percent in their average score to 78 out of 100. While no AWG banners appeared on the list there are…

Brick Meets Click – 2017 Online Shopping Forecast

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I recently attended a Brick Meets Click webinar sponsored by Unata on the 2017 Online Shopping Forecast. The panel from Unata and Brick Meets Click reviewed their finding from a survey of 500 consumers to understand industry trends and predict…

A Millennial’s view of online grocery shopping

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Online grocery shopping. You’ve been hearing about it for years, yet you haven’t seen it explode in popularity like you’ve been told. I’m starting to be convinced that moment is right around the corner. “I hate grocery shopping,” is a…

Rosie Announces SNAP Capabilities for Today and for Tomorrow

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As online shopping continues to develop it’s important to note what is happening in the industry and with our partner providers. Below is an update from Dave Makar, Marketing Director of Rosie, regarding their work in the SNAP benefit space….

Measuring Success in Online Shopping

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2016 was a big year in online shopping. As more and more retailers begin offering this service to their consumers we’re better able to study how it functions and its impact on the industry. Comparing success in a traditional store…

Competing with Meal Kit Delivery

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The meal kit market has grown significantly since being introduced broadly to the U.S. in 2012, and it’s changing the way some consumers shop for food. On a recent NGA Webinar titled “A Contest of Convenience: How to compete with…

We’re in the “Betamax” of online shopping

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There was a time, in the early 1980’s, when families had to make some hard decisions on how to best spend their home entertainment dollars. They wanted the freedom to watch movies at home on their own schedule. The question…

A Journey to Online Shopping

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Our Investigation into online shopping started a few weeks after I started working at AWG. I was having lunch with friend and telling him about my new job. In the midst of it, he asked “When am I going to…

Why Now is the Time to Act on Online Shopping

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Online shopping continues to be one of the hottest topics in the grocery industry today. Many retailers are hesitant to make an investment in an online shopping strategy today, but I will caution you on that approach. Recent moves by…