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You know you need a social media presence for your store, but do you know why?

  • A Facebook fan of the retailers spent almost 50% more than a non-Facebook fan over time.
  • Facebook fans who posted 10 or more times on the grocer’s Facebook page spent over $1000 more annually than a typical customer, 95% more than a typical customer.
  • Facebook fans bought 125 more items than a typical customer, 35% more than the typical customer.
  • Facebook fans who posted 10 or more times on the grocer’s Facebook page visited the store 40 more times annually than a typical customer, 2.5 times the visits of a typical customer.

These statistics were pulled from study conducted by Collective Bias, a shopper social media company, released new data today that reveals the relationship between Facebook fans and bottom-line revenue for grocery stores.

We have 4 different offerings to help coordinate your social profiles:

Socially Savvy

Want to take your social accounts to the next level? With this option, you get everything included in the two previous tiers plus our digital marketing specialists help run promoted posts, geo-targeted advertisements, contests, dynamic campaigns and a variety of other advanced social offerings. Linking to the weekly ad is included in this option.*

Content Management

Mixing store-supplied content and general information, this option enhances your social media presence. We work with you to make sure content resonates with consumers and draws them into the page and the store. Linking to the weekly ad is included in this option.*

Ad Posting & Monitoring

Don’t have time to send us content each week? This option is for you. We’ll post your ad, either through a link to your website or the ad pages themselves*, on time each week and monitor mentions of your account, contacting you when necessary to answer customer questions. No additional content is included.

Need content?

Social Octane (powered by Media Solutions Corp.) is a subscription based program featuring weekly tips, ideas, and images for Facebook in an easy-to-post format. We supply the content, you post when you want.

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts are supported by these offerings.
* Per page fee for posting of ad page images (links to the ad posted on a website are included in all offering fees)

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