We think about food all day, sometimes tacos, or nachos, or bacon, or cheese, or pizza, or mashed potatoes. Sometimes we think about how much we want to eat any of these delicious foods, but mainly, we’re thinking about how to help retailers sell more of them. Whether through print ads or social media or websites or radio spots, our jobs are to make the lives of retailers a little easier by providing them with customized programs and promotions designed to sell more.

We come from an assortment of backgrounds. We’ve got degrees in marketing and public relations and graphic art. We’ve been at healthcare software companies, restaurants, advertising agencies, grocery stores, consumer packaged goods manufacturers, telecommunications providers, and retail locations to name a few. We’re made up of seasoned professionals who have extensive experience in the grocery industry and relative newbies, bringing best practices and new ideas from other walks of life. We’re members of organizations like Social Media Club of Kansas City, Business Marketing Association, Public Relations Society of America, and Rotary Club among others. We keep an eye on the marketing and advertising industry as whole, following our favorite brands like Volvo, Apple, Chipotle, Dodge and Oreo on all available platforms.

All this experience and continual development exists to help our retailers succeed in the ever-changing marketplace. With so many different facets of marketing and advertising these days, all the dots need to be connected to entice and delight this era of consumers: we’re here to help retailers do just that.