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AMA Recap: The Future of Search

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American Marketing Association (AMA) held a workshop titled, “The Future of Search”. Scott Schaper from Unravel talked about the trends of Internet browsing over the years and Google’s ever-changing algorithm. Considering Google dominates searches on the Internet with 90% of…

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Writing for Web and Mobile

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With the tools of social media and easy-to-use blogging platforms, everyone can be a publisher now. However, capturing your audience’s attention and ensuring they comprehend your content is much harder on the web and especially mobile screens. This is due…

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Listen Up

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The holidays are coming, which means more time spent with friends and family and being more social. The ratio of performing artists vs. non-performing artists is high in my family so I usually feel I have to compete to get…

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SMCKC Recap: VML and Snapchat – Building a Millennial Following

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At a recent Social Media Club of Kansas City presentation, VML discussed how they built a millennial following on Snapchat for Tennessee Vacation, or the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development. In case you need a refresher on Snapchat, check out…

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Tips for Grocery Shopping

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This morning a blog post was shared on my Twitter timeline, 50 Tips for Grocery Shopping. I figured anyone who took the time to come up with a 50 item list had put some serious thought into things. I wondered…

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AWG Brands Digital Promotions: November Edition

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Here’s what’s new from AWG Brands this month: New Recipe Video: Cheesy Corn Pudding   Each month, Best Choice produces a new recipe video that retailers can share on their social media pages and websites to promote store brand products. November’s…

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AMAKC Recap: “Creating Fewer Ruined Days” for Patients, Customers, Organizational Leaders and Their Teams

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When was the last time you put yourself in your customer’s’ shoes and thought about how they experience your store? Do you think that would change the way you approach your business? Or the way you perceive customer feedback? At…

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Email is Still King

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My name plate may say “Web Designer” however give me a little time and I can design a mean little custom email that gets hits on your website. You would think emails would eventually phase out over time, but they…

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