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Telling Your Story on Digital

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When I work with retailers on social media content strategy, I always remind them to “tell their story.” But what does that mean? It means posting about more than just product and price. Yes, a good sale can get people…

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Blogging For Your Business

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Blogging isn’t just a hobby for parents sharing meal prep ideas or dedicated fans giving their insights on the latest YA fantasy novel. Some people have turned blogging into a lucrative business. Additionally, already-established businesses can use blogging as another…

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Marketing To The Middle

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As Associated Wholesale Grocers, this community of more than 3,800 grocery stores in the “middle” of America, I would wager that over the years, many of us have had a good pulse on who our customers were. Many of us…

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Recap: Use Video Storytelling to Connect to Your Authentic Message (KC IABC BCS Summit Breakout Session)

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Did you know that your brain acts the same when hearing a story as it does if the actions in that story were actually happening to you? It’s true. Storytelling has been a part of human culture dating back before…

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Practical Steps to Building Your Customer Journeys

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Is your customer journey a road to nowhere? That question started off a recent presentation by emfluence teammates Sara Theurer and Alex Boyer. Their discussion revolved around how marketers can help build engaging and memorable customer journeys. To answer the…

Photo example of wall mural in Big John grocery store with Superman because store is in town named Metropolis.

Does your store have a mural?

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This timelap video I saw on my Facebook news feed of a mural being made really brightened up my day! Credit:Drumans Filmes/Gael Comunicação via  Storyful. News   After watching this video way too many times, I started thinking about the…

Living with Authenticity

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Last week I attended AAF-KC’s Gas Can conference, a full day of speeches meant to spark creativity. One of the featured speakers was Hailee Bland-Walsh, owner of City Gym, Hailee focused on the impact each of us can have by…

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Star Trek gadgets could work today with an open mind

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“3D printed food you can eat,” makes me think of the “replicator” in Star Trek. The Replicator seemed like a magical device with the ability to make something out of nothing. I had forgotten the Replicator used technology from the transporter. This means…

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What should you put in a new or redesigned website?

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As a Web Designer, I would say my most difficult task is getting content from our stores. I get it. I don’t like to write either. It’s a challenge finding time to collect your thoughts and put them on paper….

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Brand Rejuvenation Case Study: Faultless Starch

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I recently attended an AMAKC event featuring Faultless Starch and MBB+ Agency where they presented a case study of brand rejuvenation. Faced with declining starch usage due to changing fashion trends, Faultless Starch approached MBB+ agency to help them rejuvenate…