The more ENGAGED a customer is... The more LOYAL a customer is.

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Customer loyalty program w growth arrow

Keys to effective loyalty

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Loyalty programs begin with wanting to reward loyal frequent customers, however most loyalty programs fail within 2 months of implementation because there isn’t a strategy designed to support them. Recently I attended an event hosted by Spin Pizza where I…

Supermarkets Customer Experience Benchmarks

Diving into 2016 ACSI Retail Report

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The 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Index report was released at the end of February. Supermarkets saw a jump of 6.8 percent in their average score to 78 out of 100. While no AWG banners appeared on the list there are...
Marketing to Millennials author Jeff Fromm

Marketing to Millennials

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Continuing our coverage of KCDMA’s Age of the Customer event from January 26. We already have a post about the event as a whole and about a presentation from Angie Hendershot about insights. A recent AWG blog post reminded me of a…

KCDMA The Age of the Customer

We are in the Age of the Customer

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Last week KCDMA hosted a symposium on The Age of the Customer. We already have one post covering one of the event’s breakout sessions. This will cover the event as a whole. Obviously, based on the title, all of the…

Checkout 51 logo.

Check out the Checkout 51 app

| blog, Customer Relationship Management, Mobile Apps, Sean | 2 Comments

Checkout 51 is a new offering for AWG retailers. This new app allows customers to earn cash back from purchases made at your store. Retailers can make a product list with offers. Shoppers then buy those items and earn money…

How to use Twitter for customer care

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[View the story “#HootChat: Twitter is best for Customer Care” on Storify]
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Star Trek gadgets could work today with an open mind

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“3D printed food you can eat,” makes me think of the “replicator” in Star Trek. The Replicator seemed like a magical device with the ability to make something out of nothing. I had forgotten the Replicator used technology from the transporter. This means…

Illustration on geo-fences


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Geofencing is the use of GPS satellites, Bluetooth or WiFi to create a virtual boundary around a specific location from which you can trigger an event for your mobile device. This technology has been used in apps to help parents…

Dispelling the Myth of Manufacturer Promotions

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The nature of the retail and vendor relationship is quickly changing. We are transitioning from an era where print ad was king into one centered on personalized, digital marketing. This shift represents a huge opportunity for retailers and vendors to…

Engaging Hispanic Shoppers

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When it comes to reaching out to customers in your area, it can be easy to forget they don’t all fit the same mold. Some shoppers think different then others, expect different shopping experiences, and even speak a different language….