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Using “Donations” to Grow Sales

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For most retailers, receiving a donation request is fairly commonplace, be it a friend running a race to benefit a charity, school kids selling candy/cookies/household items, or non-profits looking to support a cause. For individuals, it’s easy to pick and…

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Cause Marketing: A Savvy Business Strategy

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It is no secret that consumers expect retailers and brands to support social and environmental issues. When making purchasing decisions, U.S. consumers consider businesses’ involvement in social issues as a differentiating factor. The 2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study is the…

Is There There There: 50 Cents Off Edition

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Last week I sat down with the partners at GraphicMachine to discuss the current and future state of coupons. Programs like Excite and Fundraiser Coupon Book exist to provide additional coupon savings to our retailers customers, and they rely on the…