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Various Gift Cards in a Pile

It’s A Gift Card Kinda Party

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Hooray, 2018 is here! 2017 feels like it went quicker than a Scaramucci tour in the White House. Even though retrospective perception of time seems like a flash of light, that doesn’t mean much did not occur. The retail world…

A Look Ahead to 2018

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Attracting and retaining consumers to independent retail brick and mortar locations didn’t get any easier in 2017, but as we look ahead to 2018, there’s good news for retailers in the grocery space. Programs are evolving, consumers are becoming more…

Presenter on stage at Blackhawk Network Summit

Inside the Blackhawk Network Summit

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Each year, Blackhawk Network holds a Summit. At this Summit, the companies who sell gift cards through Blackhawk’s network and the retailers who sell those gift cards get together to talk about the state of the gift card industry, what’s…

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What to do? Evolving Your Traditional Marketing

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With all the different ways of marketing to consumers these days, retailers sometimes have a hard time knowing where to spend their money. We all know that as the options for marketing expand, the amount of money to spend on…

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Consumer & Technology Trends

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As a $20B industry, prepaid gift cards continue to be not only a significant component of the way consumers shop for themselves and their friends and family, but also a very important addition to an independent grocery store’s suite of…

Gift Card Mall

Gift Card Culture

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As a busy consumer, I love the convenience that gift cards offer me. During this past holiday season, I received four of them. As the giver of gift cards, it allows me to quickly buy a present for someone, but…