MSC Custom sites have a choice of templates with more flexibility. They include unlimited location and custom pages with additional features. Weekly circulars include both a static image and a downloadable pdf.

Webstop Basic sites have a standard template, a store locator with unlimited locations, and up to 3 custom pages. We can upload a static image of the weekly circular or you may choose to upload a pdf of your ad circular yourself.

Brick Banner sites have a standard template, a store locator with unlimited locations, custom features and up to 3 custom pages. Three options for weekly circulars include static images, page turning and clickable, and interactive ads.

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Website navigation – did anyone bring a compass?

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Being lost on a website is almost as frustrating as being lost in a car. I used to blame the traffic sign companies until Google Maps came around. Now I find myself on the same side with the sign companies…

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Solving the Disconnected Digital Grocery Journey

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In theory, omnichannel marketing is fantastic. In practice, it’s much harder, especially for independent retailers who are trying to wrap their hands around all the different ways to reach consumers. Even the large retailers are trying to figure out which…

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What is an API?

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A good API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the building blocks.

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Website Data & the Power to Know

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Many retailers have a website because they know they should. The site is populated with the weekly ad that gives customers the info on the best deals, recipes that make consumers want to try new meals, and pertinent information like…

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How to Promote Your Online Shopping…Online

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Does your store offer online shopping? Do your customers know about the program? …are you sure that they do? Online shopping is part of the future of grocery retail. In 2016, one in five shoppers had an online purchase and…

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SSL Certificate = Secure Connection

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I used to think only websites that accept credit card information need an SSL certificate. Although those websites do need the highest level of security, they are not the only websites that need a certificate. SSL stands for Secure Socket…

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How to Read your Monthly Analytic Report about your Website Traffic

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If I am the person you call to make changes on your website, you might have noticed a new report in your email the past few months. The report is sent the first week of each month. We now send…

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Why Less is best for website page design

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When a retail member asks me to put up a new slider, I like to follow up with the question, “Which current slider would you like me to take down?” I know, you’re trying to make things happen, and it...
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WordCamp recap – Digital Business Decisions

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“Entrepreneurs are the most creative, risk-taking people, but they are in denial of what they really need.” —Melissa Roberts, speaker at WordCamp Kansas City 2017. While I was at WordCamp – Kansas City, I sat in on a session targeted…

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Website DIY

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I attended a conference last weekend called WordCamp KC. I learned about plugins used to help keep track of your site's SEO, tips to increase your sites speed, and do's and don'ts for easy to understand navigation. New tools were presented to help organize...