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Marketing To The Middle

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As Associated Wholesale Grocers, this community of more than 3,800 grocery stores in the “middle” of America, I would wager that over the years, many of us have had a good pulse on who our customers were. Many of us…

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Text me, maybe?

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Today, this post from My Edmonds News scrolled across my timeline asking why businesses “haven’t mastered text message marketing.” I was excited to read their theories. They lost me in the first few lines though: Quick quiz: Would you rather…

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traditional marketing versus inbound marketing

How Marketing is Changing, Yet Again

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I recently attended a webinar presented by Hub Spot, where they took a look at what will drive marketing success in 2016. They discussed how buyer behaviors have changed, and as a result advertising has changed. In 2007, Apple introduced…

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Sliders: Grow Bigger & More Important

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Photo sizes for digital marketing has grown dramatically. For older websites, photo size requirements were smaller, so some images must change or they will become blurry after enlarging. Not sure what I mean? Take a look: Why’s This Happening? 1. Retina screens: Even when…

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Clarify, Simplify, Focus: 2015 Business Communicator Summit Recap

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Last week I attended the 2015 Business Communicators Summit (BCS), sponsored by the International Association of Business Communicators (Kansas City chapter). More than 100 local communication professionals attended lectures and breakout sessions led by a group of highly successful business…

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