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Check out the Fresh EBT app

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AWG is working with Fresh EBT to help retailers connect with SNAP shoppers and capture a higher share of EBT spend. We know that EBT recipients are an important segment for many of our members. Nationwide, the SNAP program supports…

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Star Trek gadgets could work today with an open mind

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“3D printed food you can eat,” makes me think of the “replicator” in Star Trek. The Replicator seemed like a magical device with the ability to make something out of nothing. I had forgotten the Replicator used technology from the transporter. This means…

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Mobile phone rising out of magic hat.

Changing Mobile Phone Habits

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Technology has a habit of changing family traditions. For example, televisions changed dinnertime for many families. Popular TV shows would be scheduled to air during dinnertime, so how did we adapt? TV dinners! When people started getting electricity in their…

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iBeacon, You Beacon, We all Beacon.

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As I covered in my most recent post, in-store apps can be beneficial to customers and stores alike, given the integration of mobile devices in shopping. More specifically, iBeacon technology is a new program from Apple that can really pay…

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Mobile Devices in Marketing

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Pick any customer in your store at random. Chances are, if they have opposable thumbs and are breathing, they have a smartphone. In fact, 80 percent of all Internet users own a smartphone, and if you’re not making this trend…

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Coffee With CART – NGA Show Recap

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If there’s one thing on the mind of retailers after the NGA show, it is technology. With a record crowd in attendance, there was a very high level of excitement in the independent sector according to Gary Hawkins, and much…

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App store: over 1.2 million apps, Google Play: over 1.3 million apps

Exploring the App Question

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I’m guessing you’ve heard the phrase “There’s an app for that”. It refers to, of course, the vast number of smartphone apps in the app marketplace. In fact, at a recent American Advertising Federation of Kansas City event, I heard…

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