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How to leverage user-generated content: Coffee with CART recap

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After following along with last week’s Coffee with CART discussion, an article about user-generated content (UGC) caught my attention. Although the article focuses on the fashion industry, it points out many facets of UGC that can translate across industries, including…

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Coffee with Cart Graphic.

Star Trek gadgets could work today with an open mind

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“3D printed food you can eat,” makes me think of the “replicator” in Star Trek. The Replicator seemed like a magical device with the ability to make something out of nothing. I had forgotten the Replicator used technology from the transporter. This means…

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The Millennial Experience

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Here in AWG marketing, we’re no strangers to the concept of marketing to the millennial generation. We’ve been following and commenting on these trends for several years now along with the rest of the grocery industry. Recently, millennials were the…

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Coffee with CART Recap (12/10): The Case for Mobile

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Last week’s Coffee with CART covered exciting technology advancements like augmented reality or what some know as virtual reality. Although this technology may seem like it’s far off in the future, it’s closer than you think! These types of technologies…

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Slowing Down to Enjoy the Shopping Experience

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Maybe it’s time we change attitudes and perceptions about grocery shopping. As an increasing number of stores begin offering online ordering for easy pick up or delivery options, it’s obvious the industry is adapting to our on-the-go lifestyle. Many people…

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