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How to Promote Your Online Shopping…Online

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Does your store offer online shopping? Do your customers know about the program? …are you sure that they do? Online shopping is part of the future of grocery retail. In 2016, one in five shoppers had an online purchase and…

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Flyer for Conference: Trends in email marketing

Trends in email marketing

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The marketing platform company emfluence held their annual conference Friday, Sept. 25. The event had plenty of speakers and there were tons of people there to learn from. If you are involved with digital marketing in anyway I highly suggest…

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Here’s What Amazon’s New Private-Label Grocery Business Means for Independent Retailers

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Amazon’s latest entry into the private-label grocery sector has captured many headlines over the past few weeks. Amazon will sell perishable items such as nuts, coffees, teas, baby food, and spices along with household items like diapers and detergents under…

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Books with words: Purchase Motivation & Deterrents during the social media experience

What I Learned In My First Year of Graduate School

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At the beginning of last year, I started a master’s program in Interactive Media through the University of Missouri’s Journalism School. Throughout 2015, I studied the basic theories of interpersonal and mass communications, took a deep dive into media ethics…

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