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KCDMA 2018 Symposium Logo: Now & Later

Lessons for Now & Later

Earlier this year, I attended the KCDMA 2018 Direct Marketing Symposium. This full-day conference was an interactive event stacked with presentations from some of marketing’s best. The theme was Now & Later – Planning for the Future. Throughout the symposium, presenters shared current case studies (the now) and how to use these lessons for future campaigns (the later). After reflecting on the event and trying to gather all of the lessons I learned into one blog post, here are the top nuggets that I wanted to share with you. Ian Baer’s “Focusing on the One” presentation: Data unlocks everything – use data to find and address your customers’ pain points. Speed and ease or not enough anymore in the wake of Amazon. Discover what quality makes your store unique because Amazon has already perfected speed and easy. Vocab word: Webroom – researching prices online, then purchasing them in store (opposite of showrooming). This new trend is causing online brands like Amazon to fight back with brick & mortar stores.   Quinn Tempest’s “Content Marketing: To the Future and Beyond!” presentation:…

How To Create Shareable Content

“Make it go viral.” Every social media professional probably cringes whenever they hear this phrase from their not-so-socially savvy client or boss. Although we can’t always guarantee or predict which piece of marketing content will go viral, we can follow a framework that will make it shareable and interesting. Justin Watkins, founder of Native Digital, presented his ideas for making content sharable at a recent SMCKC breakfast. It’s a balance between science and art. The science aspect is the data side of marketing – the analytics and strategic planning. It helps us find out who our audience is and where they are spending their time. The art is the creative side of marketing – the intuition and emotion that grabs your audience’s attention. How do marketers find the balance that will make their content stand out and possibly go viral? Watkins shared Native Digital’s Content Creation Checklist: Does it open strong? Is it digestible? (People only open the homeruns. Just show them the highlights instead of the whole game.) What emotion does it bring out? Does this help our audience?…

KCDesignCore - a visual design community

Put the MOVES on Your Work – KC DesignCore recap

One of the disciplines I like most in design is animation. My first job out of college was at a TV station. I designed mostly static images for the newscast, but I had the opportunity to learn 2-D animation and I loved it! Since then, I’ve had a few projects where I’ve been able to make my designs move. I was re-inspired at the latest event I attended to play around with the animation tools I have access to. At KC DesignCore’s meetup last month, “Put the MOVES on your work”, Kyle Hamrick and Jim Hinds demonstrated how to use Adobe applications to create motion. Hamrick is a trainer for Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop. At the event, he showed some examples of motion graphics and walked through how to make them in After Effects (AE). AE is a robust application that can be used in conjunction with other Adobe apps such as Illustrator and Premiere. Although it can create 2D animation, it is most widely used for 3D animation and special effects. I bet you’ve seen it used…

Kindness + Empathy = Loyalty

Adobe MAX 2017 Recap: Building Fun, Creative Work Environments

Tina Roth Eisenberg, founder of Creative Mornings and owner of SwissMiss design blog and studio, was one of the speakers at Adobe MAX this year. She talked about some of the values she bases her companies on, her approach to being a leader and her favorite interview questions. She is genuine and inspiring and has a unique way of building fun and creative work environments. Tina was trained as a graphic designer in Switzerland and Germany but had a dream to go to New York City. She recalls the business owner who hired her for her first job in NY and continues to show gratitude toward him. “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” — William Arthur Ward Becoming a mom inspired Tina to pursue other dreams she had in life, such as starting her own design studio and her own blog. She says, “I’m a better boss because I’m a mom and I’m a better mom because I’m a boss. Both of these roles force you to really think about what…

Voice search basics

The Meteoric Rise of Voice Search & Why Brands Should Care.

“Siri, turn my phone on airplane mode.” “Alexa, set up a meeting for me at 10 a.m. and invite Tim.” “Google Home, where’s the nearest grocery store with the best deal on avocados?” These are all commands that people are giving their smart devices via voice search. It’s predicted that by 2020, up to 50% of search queries will be made by voice instead of typing them into phones or computers. Earlier this month, I attended a KCDMA luncheon where Heather Physioc, Director of Organic Search at VML, presented the current state and predicted future of voice search. She noted that there are 50 billion (that’s with a “B”) voice search queries each month. This number is rising because voice search capabilities are in our devices by default, but also people are becoming more comfortable talking to these devices. Below are some important points from Physioc’s presentation for marketers and grocers to keep in mind as voice search progresses. For the Google loyalists out there, it’s important not to ignore Bing – that other search engine that no one uses,…

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Amplifying Event Marketing through PR & Social Media – PRSA Recap

Whether you’re having a small product demo in your store or attending a full-fledged community event, utilizing social media and other public relations tactics can amplify your event and help you reach more people. At a recent PRSA luncheon, Carrie Bratcher of Hallmark explained how she uses social media for event marketing to reach millions of fans and influencers. Bratcher has worked on several large-scale events for Hallmark and used two examples for her presentation: CMA (Country Music Association) Music Festival in Nashville and the San Diego Comic Con. She first shared this important slide with the audience:  Bratcher then explained in-depth how to take the ideas on this slide and put them into action to amplify your audience reach at an event: PReCon = ReCon Assemble your tribe: send out news releases and social media alerts to notify the media, influencers and others about your event. Build lists of influencers that you want to engage with during the event on Twitter and other social channels. Call your friends who participated last year or might be interested this year. Know…

KCDMA - Flipping the Funnel

“Flipping the Funnel” – KCDMA Luncheon Recap

Account Based Marketing Strategies for Niche Audiences Selling a product or service in a highly competitive marketplace can be a challenge, especially if you are trying to reach a unique audience. Having a small marketing budget makes the challenge even greater. Angela Ridpath, Vice President of Marketing at MCH Strategic Data, spoke at this month’s KCDMA Luncheon. She shared how MCH breaks away from the traditional marketing strategy by flipping the funnel. With the traditional conversion funnel, you market to a large audience of potential customers but only a small percentage of that audience takes action and becomes your customers. What happens when you first identify who your customers are and market only to them? This is what a flipped funnel would look like. After identifying your audience, dedicate a lot of time creating high quality content. At the presentation, Angela passed around an example of a direct marketing piece that was mailed to their target audience. It was similar to one of those greeting cards that plays an audio clip when the card is opened. In this example a…

Graphic for Event "How to Integrate Paid Media into Your Existing Campaigns – Tips from Emfluence"

How to Integrate Paid Media into Your Existing Campaigns – Tips from Emfluence

You’ve established social media channels, communicate regularly with your followers and produce new content routinely that you think they will like. How do you take your digital marketing campaigns a step further to see better results? Paid digital media could be your answer – but only if you approach it strategically. Alan Schieber shared some tips at the recent Emfluence Conference I attended. He explained how to integrate paid media into your existing digital campaigns in a smart way. First, he needed to debunk a few general assumptions about paid media. Many think paid media costs too much, isn’t effective, or they want it good, cheap, and fast, among other issues. To clear this up, Schieber noted that paid media is effective for an affordable price, but only if you address it in a strategic way. Marketers and retailers may want it good, cheap and fast, but achieving all three strategically isn’t possible. Instead, pick two. Now that we’re on board with paid media, define your goals. This must be done before you choose the paid media channel. Have your…

Goodbye Silos graphic

The Age of Integrated Digital Marketing – KCDMA Recap 3

I’m back with another KCDMA Boot Camp recap. One of the sessions was hosted by Corey Morris, VP of Marketing for digital marketing agency Voltage. The lines between paid, owned and earned media, along with who owns each of these areas continues to blur. Instead of trying to keep roles and job duties in silos, Morris presented on how to integrate digital marketing initiatives in order to unify your workforce and more seamlessly meet your goals. Luckily, Morris summed up his entire discussion in a blog post for us! Check it out here: http://bit.ly/KCDMA2017

SEO is everything illustration from DEG

SEO is Everything & Always Evolving – KCDMA Boot Camp Recap 2

SEO is everything according Quinn Sheek, the KCDMA Boot Camp’s second speaker and Director of Demand Generation at DEG Digital. Okay, maybe not everything… She admitted that, but also explained why SEO is now a group effort that involves many different people across disciplines. It’s no longer a one-man show designated to just an SEO expert. SEO affects professionals in IT, PR, branding, user experience, and more. Sheek shared information from SEMrush, which listed the most important factors affecting SEO ranking in 2017. These included: direct website visits, time on the site, pages per session, bounce rate, referring domains, content length, website security (https), keywords and more. With so many different components influencing SEO, where does one even start? Here are Sheek’s suggestions for being more effective at SEO in 5 simple steps: Be curious – Why were there downward trends in your Google Analytics? How do we test and fix that? In order to be successful at SEO, you have to want to understand what is affecting web traffic. Be adaptable – Google changes its search algorithm around 500-600…