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AMA Recap: The Future of Search

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American Marketing Association (AMA) held a workshop titled, “The Future of Search”. Scott Schaper from Unravel talked about the trends of Internet browsing over the years and Google’s ever-changing algorithm. Considering Google dominates searches on the Internet with 90% of…

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Graphic for Event "How to Integrate Paid Media into Your Existing Campaigns – Tips from Emfluence"

How to Integrate Paid Media into Your Existing Campaigns – Tips from Emfluence

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You’ve established social media channels, communicate regularly with your followers and produce new content routinely that you think they will like. How do you take your digital marketing campaigns a step further to see better results? Paid digital media could…

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“About Us” on your website

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Everyone loves a story. People have been telling stories since… well, since people have been around! What do campfires, drawings in the sand, music, movies and your website have in common? All of these tools can help make telling a…

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Pay-Per-Click vs. Organic SEO

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Search engine optimization (SEO) can be quite intimidating for someone who doesn’t know much about the subject. Both Lisa and Cody have discussed “Why I Can’t Find My Website on Google” and “What You Need to Know about SEO” on…

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