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AMA Recap: The Future of Search

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American Marketing Association (AMA) held a workshop titled, “The Future of Search”. Scott Schaper from Unravel talked about the trends of Internet browsing over the years and Google’s ever-changing algorithm. Considering Google dominates searches on the Internet with 90% of…

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How Local Pages Help Your Store

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Retailers with multiple locations have a decision to make when it comes to creating Facebook business pages: do you make one page that represents all locations or do you make individual pages for each store? I discussed in a recent…

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Internet Technology and It’s Crazy Capabilities

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I attended a presentation on technology and consumer trends. Here’s a little of what I came back with. Ever log onto the Interwebs to browse your favorite sites and an advertisement pops up? Of course you have. Did you think…

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Pay-Per-Click vs. Organic SEO

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Search engine optimization (SEO) can be quite intimidating for someone who doesn’t know much about the subject. Both Lisa and Cody have discussed “Why I Can’t Find My Website on Google” and “What You Need to Know about SEO” on…

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